Alexi Bracey

Alexi Bracey 
Healthy Home Consultant

About Alexi Bracey

Alexi Bracey has been a Plant Based Culinary Chef and Instructor since 2001 when she conquered cancer with raw food and lifestyle changes.
Plant Based Culinary Chef
Alexi conquered cancer with raw food
Prior to 2001 she was a conventionally trained chef.

Subsequently, she studied numerous holistic modalities and earned certifications as an Iridologist, Wellness Coach, Cancer Coach and a Heart Math Resilience Coach, is a Graduate of Holistic Nutrition Lab, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) online course and holds a Vegetarian Certification, a Certification in Home Health and presently is a student of A Year of Mindfulness.

Alexi noticed a repeat pattern when working with clients diagnosed with cancer or any other dis-ease. The first item people addressed and made changes to…was diet. They still lived in toxic homes, oblivious that their personal care products and cleaning products may have been responsible for their dis-ease. And we have known for years, that stress is a major problem, but few make changes.
Research has shown that cancer is linked genetically by only 4%. A finger is being pointed to nutrition and environment. The same holds true for most illnesses. So Alexi became passionate to learn about home toxins and how to manage emotions and forgive.

Her mission is to educate and inspire people to take charge of their health by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits. Her clients are worldwide.

Since 2004, Alexi has practiced as a Plant Based Culinary Instructor and more recently interspersed other modalities that may enhance the body's ability to self-repair.

She is a faculty member for the Holistic School of Nutrition, has taught at the Naturopathic College and many Chiropractic Offices and Wellness Centers in the greater GTA.

Alexi was also Executive Chef at Canada’s premier Wellness Centre, Grail Springs were she facilitated Detox Programs, formulated Alkaline Diets and offered Healthy Lifestyle consulting.

She has authored a book “Detox Is an Inside Job” and is a regular on That Channels “Liquid Lunch” as well as her Detox Daily, a free YouTube series.

She works as a Whole Health Coach, an Emotional Management Coach and Healthy Home Consultant.


Hoffman Process, Bolton, ON, 1993

NLP Master Trainer, Santa Cruz, California, 1996

NLP Health Master Trainer, Salt Lake City, UT, 1997-98

Iridology Certification, Calgary, AB,  2003

IFC Certified Coaching, Erickson College, Vancouver, BC,  2003

Train The Trainer 1 & 2, Peak Potentials, Vancouver 2004-5

Raw Food Certification, Creative Health Institute, Michigan 2005

Certified Wellness Inventory Coach, California, 2006

Cancer Coaching, Hamilton, ON, 2011

Heart Math Resilience Coach, California, 2013

Hashimotos Workshop, Oregon, 2014

Heart Mastery Certification, California, 2014

Holistic Nutrition Lab, Oregon, 2014-2015

Environmental Health Certification, Oregon, 2014-15

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) online course, 2016

Student of A Year of Mindfulness, 2017



Alexi has authored a book:
Detox Is An Inside Job 

A Step by Step Guide for a Complete,
Non-Invasive Body Detox

Detox Is An Inside Job

C$9.95 ebook

Stoveless Cuisine

Alexi's Uterine Cancer