Alexi Bracey

Alexi Bracey 
Healthy Home Consultant

Alexi's Uterine Cancer



Alexi Bracey’s personal quest for her health and healthy living began in 2000, after a diagnosis of uterine cancer. Being totally engrossed in all she could learn about cancer and holistic diet through libraries and book stores, Alexi took a 180 degree turn, and literally overnight, embraced a raw food lifestyle, began eating organic foods and drinking fresh juices, eliminated toxic toiletries and hazardous home cleaning products, used a Chi Machine daily, and mastered her meditations and visualizations. Without any medical intervention, a year later, she was free from cancer.

Alexi combined her professional chef skills, her medical education background and her new complementary modalities to embark on a new career of educating individuals who are aspiring to achieve health excellence, by enabling them to change their lifestyle habits alongside adding new protocols so they could transform and enhance the quality of their lives.

Alexi Bracey Interview - Uterine Cancer

Alexi Bracey Interview - Uterine Cancer

Published on 28 Jul 2012
Alexi Bracey shares her story of how she healed herself from uterine cancer.

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